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GE - Multiple Versions ?

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Created03.12.2021 17:41

Kendall Demott (HC1Gunner) 03.12.2021 17:41
I've only installed this once, after closing the program after its first use, this window pops up every time. Stating there are multiple versions of 9.0.1 installed. Since it would not go away, I uninstalled, cleaned all my temp folders, cleaned Win registry, reinstalled, and I was treated to the same issue. Any ideas as to what's going on, bug or what?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.12.2021 17:55
The GE versions detected on your PC are stored in %LOCALAPPDATA%\GIANTSPackageRegistry.
This enables usage of different GE versions appropriate to your i3d version.

Unluckily the GE9 is registered twice. Usually one with "../editor.exe", the other "..//editor.exe".
A workaround is editing the "giantsPackageRegistry_v1.xml" to your needs and setting the file's 'read-only' flag.

Saltybart (Bert85) 03.12.2021 19:55
You can delete the duplicated version with right mousse button at the start list.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.12.2021 21:07
Right - but the entry comes back soon, probably depending on GE start with/out file.

Kjffhafa (Zocker98nsmods) 06.02.2022 14:13
Has anyone found a solution yet? Even when setting the file permission of the xml to "read only" the GE shows a second path- my guess is that there is another location coexisting?

Glenn Bailey (Buzz2112) 06.02.2022 22:23
I have a double loading also, and now GE wont open any i3d file, it just CTD's.

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