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Longest grass foliage Alpine/US map

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Created04.12.2021 12:49

Tim Sprinkhuizen (timspr) 04.12.2021 12:49
Dear all,

Have been trying to use the longest grass foliage from the US or Alpine map. I find in the decofoliage the small/middle grass versions, but the longest versions I cannot recreate it.

As an example the longest version on the Alpine map with the flowers, anyone know how can you get that in the foliage paint mode?
Thanks for the ideas!

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 04.12.2021 13:19
Have you tried meadow -- Harvest ready ??

Tim Sprinkhuizen (timspr) 04.12.2021 14:03
Dear Colin

Appriciate your feedback as I should have been able to see this. Checked all expect the harvest ready.
Thanks alot!

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 04.12.2021 14:41
Or you could try adding the LongDryGrass foliage from the deco Foliage in the US map if you wanted to add your own flower/plant foliage to the grass.

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