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Created04.12.2021 21:21

Jonathan Hoeft (Jhoeft) 04.12.2021 21:21
I am currently working on making a 64x map. I believe I have scaled the files in the data folder to the correct size, I have changed the unitsPerPixel to 8, and I have also changed the width and height in the map.xml file to 32768x32768. Since I converted the GDM and GRLE files to pngs, I also edited the map.i3d in Notepad++ to change those file extensions to png, and I am not getting any errors on the GE log file, but when I open the map in GE the editor tries to load it and crashes. I do have the script from 19 to make it viewable in GE, but I can't execute it until the map loads. Would having the wrong size data files cause the editor to crash?

Sebastian Reinke (CreativeHRO) 04.12.2021 22:29
schon allein der Gedanke eine 64x Map zu erstellen, grenzt an Dummheit! Wozu brauchst du dies? die Datenmengen kann kein Rechner stämmen, bzw. Server laden! Es ist absoluter Blödsinn solche Maßen erstellen zu wollen!

mast3rd3mon 04.12.2021 22:32
@Sebastian Reinke (CreativeHRO)

A 64x map would mean there's less chance of running out of room when playing with multiple other people. In theory it also allows for way more sell points and/or bigger differences in prices. I would imagine that a 64x map would run fine unless you have 64 players on it at any one time

Jonathan Hoeft (Jhoeft) 04.12.2021 23:02
Sebastian Reinke (CreativeHRO)

I know my server, and the people that play on my server can all play on a 64x, as we have done it in fs19 with no problems. Like mast3rd3mon said, the reason I am creating a 64x map is so we can have room for multiple players, and more sell points as well as more production chains. Also to include what I want to include on a map, it has to be this big.

AlexB72 04.12.2021 23:43
I am severely visually impaired and therefore use large maps by default. For me, a 64x card means a possibility to create a large yard and have really large fields. Smaller fields, where trees are constantly in the way and you can't see the way, tend to annoy me. So I'm looking for larger cards that are over 16x.

Jonathan Hoeft (Jhoeft) 05.12.2021 00:20
Update: I was able to get the map to open in GE by not touching the GDM or GRLE files. Its seems when I convert those to pngs and then point the i3d file to use those pngs, the editor can't handle that, and crashes while trying to load the map.

Jonathan Hoeft (Jhoeft) 08.12.2021 02:05
For some reason GE 9 Crashes when trying to load the map after removing the gdm files, and opening the map.i3d in Notepad++ and changing the grle, and gdm extensions to png. There are no errors in the Editor log either.

Sean Whyte (seanwhyte0) 25.07.2022 11:00
Jonathan how did you go?

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