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Script for x16 map

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Created08.12.2021 20:49

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 08.12.2021 20:49
(Sry I found the scrips does work), other question

I tried to create a bigger map, from the alpine blank one, that is around, and make the terrain bigger, but now I have certain areas with a shadowlike look.

Watch this link -

If you zoom in, it dissapears.

So many clever heads in here, at might have suggestions?

/regards Knarffen

Jonathan Hoeft (Jhoeft) 08.12.2021 21:55
Do you mind sharing the script that worked for you? I have one but it doesn't seem to work as I still have grey blocks.

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 09.12.2021 05:06
hi, I'm creating an 8x map and I ran into this problem when I look at the zero coordinates, my fps drops, maybe you know how to fix the setup

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 09.12.2021 08:33
I found a solution for weird shadows in corners on 4x maps.
Open map in GE - select Sun in scenegraph - go to atributes - "Light" tab and scroll down to Fixed box min and max X,Y and Z and change change values from 1024 to 2048.
That was my solution for 4Km maps, you might need to change it to 4096 or more.

Kurucz Ferenc (Kferi22) 09.12.2021 10:55
Hello everyone need a little help why is the crop the same on all lands?

Ola Haldor Solvik Voll (OlaHaldor) 09.12.2021 21:56
setAudioCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 16);
setLightCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 16);
setShapeCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 64);

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 10.12.2021 06:28
I understood with shadows thanks for the hint
, but the fps is so stable and did not become what could be the problem

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