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GE9- Expanding buyable land

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Created10.12.2021 04:28

Louie Plan (NobleKnightmare) 10.12.2021 04:28
To preface this, I'm not at all a modder, but I'm trying to learn.

I'm making an edit of Elm Creek in FS22, and so far I've been able to do basic things such as remove buildings and doing terrain work, however one thing I can't for the life of me get to work is expanding buyable land. In the editor I've found the terrain info paint tool, can see the different buyable land, and in the editor I can expand them just fine (using crtl-r to set the right info channels and lands), however the changes aren't transferring to the game. All I'm trying to do, for example, is expand the ownable land closer to the roads, mostly for the purpose of grass care, placing fences, etc.

I'm guessing its because its pulling this info from the games map instead of my edit/mod? I notice a lot less files in my "mod" compared to the in game map, but Im curious where this info is saved, and which file I need to point the xml to, to get it to work in game.

Any help would be appreciated, I prefer to figure this stuff out myself, but Im pulling my hair out here. Thank in advance.

Patton_M47 10.12.2021 05:34
any where in the xml it says $data change that to your version of the file.....
if that doesn't help shy wizard on yt has a vid that might help

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 10.12.2021 08:25
Edit map.i3d with text editor, search for infoLayer_farmland.grle and delete $data/ it should then work.

Louie Plan (NobleKnightmare) 14.12.2021 16:03
Sorry for not responding to this: I figured it out, and I believe it was 100% user error. Using the editor I chose the "Import mod from game" option, and when doing that, making any of the changes suggested here caused map errors, crashing etc, possibly on me. I went back and started from scratch, copying over the whole map folder instead and changing the xml's to point at the new file locations then loaded that into the editor, and now its all working as desired.

Thanks all.

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