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Created10.12.2021 13:30

Neil Mountainland (Nickem10) 10.12.2021 13:30
hi iam new to modding.doesn anyone know do i have to scale farmland up 8192 or 2049 if im trying to make an 4x map

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 11.12.2021 10:18
For my 4Km map infoLayer_farmland.grle is at 1024 and it works fine. But looks like defauld maps now have 1024 resolution, so you can double it to 2048. But if you want 8Km map then go for 4096.

Neil Mountainland (Nickem10) 11.12.2021 11:39
ok thanks im building around elm creek to

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