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Created11.12.2021 19:35

Darius Jucevičius (PuKkUtTiS) 11.12.2021 19:35
Hi, maybe somebody knows how to get those numbers and what they mean? Because I'm trying to place license plate on trailer, but in game it won't show up...

Michal Szynal (michael_S91) 28.02.2022 15:17
I have this same issue, How to get visible licence plate in game ? I have licensePlateBack and licensePlateFront i Giants Editor then in XML file I have those lines:

<licensePlate node="licensePlateFront" position="FRONT" preferedType="SQUARISH" placementArea="0.1 0.15 0.1 0.15"/>
<licensePlate node="licensePlateBack" position="BACK" preferedType="ELONGATED" placementArea="0.07 0.3 0.07 0.3"/>

<i3dMapping id="licensePlateFront" node="0>8|8" />
<i3dMapping id="licensePlateBack" node="0>11|10|15" />

So the question is what I need to change/add etc to get licence plate ?

Michal Szynal (michael_S91) 07.03.2022 17:56
wtf ?? nobody know how to do it ?

Martin Cowell (farmingmartin) 02.04.2022 23:59
I have checked your lines and i have exactly the same and mine show up. At first they didnt but found out the node address in the xml file did not match what was in GE IE check 0.8!8 and 0,11!10!15 are correct in the GE and the XML files as GE had changes mine. once i got XML file address and GE to the same my licence plate was showing.
Hope this helps

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