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Created23.12.2021 07:00

Werries W (werries) 23.12.2021 07:00
Still have not found a solution or help on animation nodes in production points.
The rotation animation is quite obvious and got that to work. The other animations such as movement, and to make something visible or invisible based on production active/ not active are still mystifying me.

The movement one works well in animatedobject but not in animation?

Werries W (werries) 09.01.2022 07:00
The above is still unresolved.

Adding to the list now are effectnodes. Are there some definitive list of what can be made as effects or animation nodes?

Were in particularly looking at making the sprayers in the greenhouses actively spraying every hour for a couple of minutes, or if not possible to spray when activating or deactivating the greenhouse...

Werries W (werries) 09.01.2022 08:18
Got the effect node for the water sprayers to work, and as long as this is situated with the ProductionPoint brackets it functions only when it is active. Can set the time of activity in the giants editor visibility tab.

*production point stuff goes here*
<effectNode effectNode="effectMesh" materialType="WASHER" />
<effectNode effectNode="dustEmitShape" effectClass="ParticleEffect" particleType="WASHER_WATER" emitCountScale="7000" />

Kyle Schmeltzer (Sm3ltz) 02.02.2022 19:26
I'm having a similar issue but trying to get smoke to generate while the production is active. If I setup as you have it and use smokeParticle and smoke as the materialType and particleEffect I'm not getting anything. Any ideas?

Michael Typaldos (Superfly1842) 17.05.2024 19:06
Here is the code to add chimneysmoke to your production. It must be within the production brackets.

<effectNode effectNode="buildingChimneyEmitter" effectClass="ParticleEffect" particleType="smoke_chimney" emitCountScale=".5" extraDistance="200" delay="0"/>

You must use a plane for the node in the i3d for the chimney smoke. And of course add the i3d mapping for buildingChimneyEmitter as well as name the plane that under a transform group called effects.

Hope this helps people coming across these deadend threads with no answers.

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