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Convert 4xmap FS19 to FS22 (PDA)

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Created23.12.2021 12:10

Switcher Switch (Switcher) 23.12.2021 12:10
I have problem, when i convert my 4x size map from FS19 to FS22, everything is okey, but farmland in PDA doesnt work correctly.
I bought field and it was created in right place,. but in PDA i see field on wrong place.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 23.12.2021 16:53
You have to resize your PDA from 4069x4096 to 8192x8192.Don't change the size in you map.xml keep it this <map width="4096" height="4096".
If you whant a boarder on the out side of your PDA that you can put pics., notes or map name then take a 8192x8192 base .dds and put your 4096x4096 in the middle the PDA just need to be 8192x8192 to work right .Always compare BaseMap for the game if you look thier PDA is "4096x4096" they did it to give the PDA a boarder .

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