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Mod map sell points wont show in game

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Created26.12.2021 15:56

John Hockley (Hocks23) 26.12.2021 15:56

Im having issues trying to get a sell point load for my map, I can get one to load from the game files but not from my map file, Ive looked at other released maps and so far can't see an issue with how they are doing and how im doing it, do i need to edit something else besides the placeables xml ?? below is the path im using for one sell point in the placeable xml......

<placeable mapBoundId="sellingStationMainGrainSilo"filename="$mapdir$/maps/mapUS/placeables/sellingStationGeneric/sellingStationMainGrainSilo.xml" position="180.936 101.38 885.161" rotation="0 -90 0" />

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.12.2021 16:55
Custom selling stations must be also declared in the modDesc.xml <shopItems> - alternatively in the map's <storeItems filename=

Also look into game log for errors.

Tiago Piloneto (Tiago_Piloneto) 27.12.2021 21:51
According to what you have written, in the "modDesc.xml" file you need to put, at the end, before </modDesc> the following:

<storeItem xmlFilename="maps/mapUS/placeables/sellingStationGeneric/sellingStationMainGrainSilo.xml" />

John Hockley (Hocks23) 03.01.2022 10:35
Thanks Tiago Piloneto, that's what I was missing, should have known better.

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