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Zipping folders or files after opening and converting fs19 mods.

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Created26.12.2021 23:51

Paul Fairchild (paulfair1962) 26.12.2021 23:51
When "opening mod" from the FS 19 mod folder of your choice, it unzips the folder to convert it,. But the issue I'am having is zipping the folder back up... The zipped folder has a folder unzipped with the same name, containing all of the files as the mod folder that was already zipped up (this resembles a "Nesting doll" scenario). So how do I re-zip the converted mod?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.12.2021 07:45
You must zip the content of the mod's root folder, not the folder itself.

Paul Fairchild (paulfair1962) 31.12.2021 23:50
There's a few folders and files inside of the mod's folder… Can you give me an example?... I saw the unzipped folder of this mod, and saw a few files, and a couple of folders, so I selected All of the files and folders, zipped them up, placed the mod folder into the fs22 mods folder, started the game. It appeared in the shop, but All the trailer was invisible, but All of the options, and information was visible. Thanks.

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