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Texture to paint in game

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Created03.01.2022 11:23

Clément (fermedelasouche) 03.01.2022 11:23
Hello, I can't find the location where we can add additional textures to paint in game, I know how to add different type of tree / bush ect in the xml placeable.xml, but where can I find the textures to paint?


Clément (fermedelasouche) 04.01.2022 19:09
Hello, does anyone have an idea? my question is not understandable?

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 05.01.2022 03:25
Map.xml at wery bottom.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 05.01.2022 04:10
Even better, use the terrain manager. You can import all your textures and use them without having to ever leave the editor or restart it. Create 4 weight files and use the manager for the rest. No editing files or copy/paste. Nice and easy.

If you choose to import manually, you'll need to edit your map.i3d to create the layers and combined layers after copying over the textures and creating the weight files.

Clément (fermedelasouche) 05.01.2022 05:59
Thanks a lot

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