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Weather Mask Bits - Visibilty Conditions?

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Created09.01.2022 15:26

Ronny S. (RonnyS311) 09.01.2022 15:26
Hello, does anyone know which bits in the visibility conditions represent which seasons? It seems like bit 10 is for winter? But how about other seasons? Can someone explain the weather mask bits? Thank you!

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 12.01.2022 10:28
<flag bit="0" name="SUN"/>
<flag bit="1" name="RAIN"/>
<flag bit="2" name="HAIL"/>
<flag bit="3" name="SNOW"/>
<flag bit="4" name="CLOUDY"/>
<flag bit="5" name="DAY"/>
<flag bit="6" name="NIGHT"/>
<flag bit="7" name="SPRING"/>
<flag bit="8" name="SUMMER"/>
<flag bit="9" name="AUTUMN"/>
<flag bit="10" name="WINTER"/>
<flag bit="0" name="INTERIOR"/>
<flag bit="1" name="EXTERIOR"/>
<flag bit="2" name="IN_VEHICLE"/>
<flag bit="3" name="OUT_VEHICLE"/>

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.01.2022 11:49
For reference see FS22install:shared/visibilityConditionFlags.xml

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