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Player Fingers stretched deformed

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Created11.01.2022 04:03

Matt Mad (fail0ver) 11.01.2022 04:03
Hello been wrecking my head for hours no matter what I do. Still same results body and feet are all good just fingers are streched and deformed anyone any ideas?

William Rowe (Bonger76) 14.01.2022 05:29
they might be to fare from the body or the rotation is wrong ,look at mod where they work.I noticed a lot of mods where the body is to fare from the hand and they won't move right whith the steering wheel or joy stick,if the wheel or stick move to fare the body the hands pulls away.You can get werd looks when body is to close to hand points.
Another problem could be that the object that the are hook to is scaled other than 1 1 1..?

Matt Mad (fail0ver) 16.01.2022 05:06
Hey yeah I've tried the rotate and body length from wheel still happens however scale is 1 1 0.9

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