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GE 9.0.2 exporting .obj for blender

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Created12.01.2022 18:21

Brandon Posey (brandon3422) 12.01.2022 18:21
Has anyone figured out why the editor exports multiple objects to .obj as 1 whole mesh? The old editor exported 10 meshes as 10 meshes, now i 10 meshses are 1 in blender.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 12.01.2022 20:06
In Blender, there is an option to check to split objects when importing OBJ, click the Geometry arrow and "Split by Group".

Brandon Posey (brandon3422) 12.01.2022 20:14
im talking about GE, it will not export multiple objects like it used to. like say if i select a hood, a fender, a door then export selected as .obj it combindes them to 1 mesh when i import into blender

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