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Created14.01.2022 04:50

William S. Martin Jr. (nitrodad1115) 14.01.2022 04:50
Looking for help with SSC.. I have seen same problem reported but no solutions that i can find. I have place several roads on a 4 x map so far. The main road runs north to south many curves and height changes and SSC built it just fine. i also have 2 shorter roads at 90 degree angles from the main road that worked. the problem seems to be when i try and build a road that starts east and goes west. the error is something about the angle of the connecting points is too big.. i looked at the spline in text editor and saw that several points had been rotated by the spline placement script. I tried changing all the values from 180 back to 0 but the roads was very wavy and broken up . i even tried manually building a transform group without the script and got an error. i also tried flattening the terrain and straightening the road.. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. I see this error has been experienced by many but as i said i have yet to see or find a solution.

Gregg Macfarlane (SirCuddlesWorth) 14.01.2022 06:31
Little off topic, Is SSC an addon or in the script's menu? I can't get it to work myself.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 14.01.2022 11:00
I use SSC almost exclusively for a pretty long time now. My first suggestion would be to also download crossing constructor, it allows you to make intersections. I've made every type of intersection imaginable with it. It sure beats trying to butt one road up to the next.

The first thing I try when I get that error is to keep the same spline but hit "R" to reverse its direction and try again. 8/10 times that works out. Make sure you're always going in the direction of the blue arrow as well. I can usually tell when a road will give me issues or not, and you're not wrong William, most splines I will open in a text editor once I export them. It's not at all uncommon for the road to periodically flip over on itself. Use search and replace to change any 180s back to 0. Be careful not to change other values that also contain 180. It helps a lot to use the filters "match whole word only" and "in selection" when using find replace. Sometimes a road will not go so well even though you are doing everything right, it happens.

If the road created but looks broken up in places, in SSC go into the "Einstellungen" tab and incrementally increase "minimale lange" and "minimale winkel" parameters. These are for minimum length and angle and control the subdivisions of the roadway. Increasing these values will get your road looking better but be careful, the closer to 45 degrees and over, the roadway will start to narrow ... sometimes to the point that one vehicle barely fits on it. Keep these values lower when possible. Make sure you have an English translation for SSC.

Uncheck "Schleppkurve" and "Kurvensturz" on the main screen. It will keep your road smooth and even. You can toy with those values once you have a working roadway. Read the directions to find out what they do.

There have been times that to complete a roadway I had to build it in smaller pieces from different directions. That's usually a worst-case scenario, but it works.

When initially placing your objects on the spline, your roadway will be much smoother and less prone to issues if your turn off the "follow terrain" option. Use more control points when laying the spline so you don't have long sections that skip over land features, and it will look just fine. Once the spline is down, I will use the "terrain height" script to prep the surface of my roadway. If you do this, there is no undo, and you must be careful not to rotate the spline when initially starting off. Just grab the start and end control points and move them where you want, then work from there. Make sure the rotation is 0 0 0 for the spline.

I hope some of that helps. If you still have issues, let me know. I think I've experienced every error the program is capable of :)

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 14.01.2022 11:45
Regarding the Terrain Height script usage, it is possible to partially revert your transformation (unless you have it set at zero) by setting the values to their opposite sign eg 1m height to -1m height and smoothing edges as necessary.
Also it is advisable to copy/paste your map.dem.png into the same data folder before starting, that way you have a backup should things go completely wrong

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 14.01.2022 13:23
You can never go wrong with a backup! My usual method is to save just before I make the change, then if things go south, I can just restart and pick up where I left off. Once or twice, force of habit, I clicked "Save changes." I wish I had a backup then!

William S. Martin Jr. (nitrodad1115) 14.01.2022 15:40
You help is most Appreciated Ed, I did DL the crossing constructor as well. when it works both programs are a godsend for sure.. I was just reaching the point of making the roads in small segments which seems to be working.. But your advice on changing the angle will be the next thing i try. i tried reverting the values back to 0 in text editor but parts of the road remained messed up.. in a differnt way but still wrong.. A very confusing issue for sure.. after placing my first road across a whole 4 x map i was in heaven.. then reality set in once again and GE reminded me whos boss.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 14.01.2022 16:14
When parts of the road remain messed up the way you are saying, that's when you want to increase the minimum length, minimum angle, or both. I usually go right to 45 degrees and if it doesn't fix it, I know I need to move on to trying something else. If it does fix it, I start bringing those parameters back down as low I can and still have the road intact. Setting the Z axis back to zero in the editor is only half the battle, that simply gets the road back up onto the surface where it belongs.

Reversing the spline works more often than not, so I always do that before I go into building the road in sections. It's a lot less work.

When I do build in sections, I'll leave the messed up road in place while I place my objects on the spline. This way you have a reference to where the road starts wigging out and then I'll delete the objects from that point back and export what's left. Delete the messed up road and then come in from the opposite direction for the next piece. You'll find that when a road messes up like that, it will still do it no matter which direction the spline goes, but it does it in different areas. This allows you to piece in the goofy areas by working in the opposite direction. Not sure if that makes sense to you. You may have to go back and forth like this a few times to piece it all together.

Keep in mind that's it's not often I have to resort to this. With a few "tricks" and changing some parameters, you can usually get the road down in one piece.

Gregg Macfarlane (SirCuddlesWorth) 14.01.2022 19:25
@Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) Where is a good place to download crossing constructor, I found one is CROSSING CONSTRUCTOR V1.02 on ModHub ok to use? Also there is County line conversion by CG modding v1.0 FS22 but it says conversion so not original.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 14.01.2022 23:16
I've had it so long I honestly can't remember where I got it from. I want to say because that's where you'll find the original SSC. Crossing constructor version is 1.02 so it can't hurt to grab it from there.

I wonder what the "conversion" is all about?

Gregg Macfarlane (SirCuddlesWorth) 14.01.2022 23:20
@Ed Propsner (crotchfrog)
In the description he noted it's a "conversion" of the original for FS22. I'll try it out and see how it goes. After I backup my map lol.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 15.01.2022 03:30
@Gregg: Are you sure it's not the County Line Map? He's currently working on the conversion for FS22.

Gregg Macfarlane (SirCuddlesWorth) 15.01.2022 07:59
@Ed Propsner (crotchfrog)
Yeah the one I found is broken anyways, Is there a link to his site for the mod/script i can bookmark?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 15.01.2022 17:15
Do you mean for crossing constructor? is where I would expect to find it but I'm unable to locate it there, although SSC is readily available. A quick google search should point you toward a few places that are still hosting CC.

Gregg Macfarlane (SirCuddlesWorth) 15.01.2022 23:06
@Ed Propsner (crotchfrog)
I'll bookmark the Marhu, but do you have a link to the SSC by chance? The site I found says the (File Don't exist) when clicking download. So it was probably removed or purged.

Or is it just FS19 CC? I'll try to look again soon as I'm done.
Also did the OP get his stuff sorted out?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 16.01.2022 01:15
SSC is on Marhu. They both work just fine for FS22 however they are down to a single texture in 22. You should be able to use up to 3 different textures on a roadway and 2 per intersection. There is a workaround to this but it's tedious and requires altering the i3D and re-baking the road 3 different times. I opted to just skip the verges for now and go with a flat road, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Crossing Constructor:

Haven't heard from the OP, I'm sure he'll check in sooner or later.

William S. Martin Jr. (nitrodad1115) 17.01.2022 16:23
@Ed Propsner (crotchfrog). thank you for your help. I was able to get the hang of getting roads to spawn. I have since comes across a new situation and wondering if you can help. On flat surfaces road lay fine.. nice and smooth . as soon as i begin transitioning up or down hill the roads begin stairstepping . i have tried changing the setting and find the best results to be setting everything in the menu down to 1 meter. the roads remain almost undrivable though.. ive tried reworking the hills and mountains so the slope is as smooth as possible.. i used the new slope tool in GE to build the road bed and then smoothed it for ever.. hoping you may be able tp point me in right direction, and yes though links look like good locations for SSC and the Crossing constructor.. there is an English version of the SSC interface that translates from the original German as well..

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 17.01.2022 17:39
On the main screen of SSC make sure that both "Schleppkurve" and "Kurvensturz" are not checked. Under the "Einstellungen" tab I keep my base settings at 5,10,10,5,30 respectively. The last setting, "maximale Sturz (30)" only comes into effect when "kurvensturz" is checked on the main screen. It's hard to say without seeing it in front of me but I think this is where your problem lies. On either one of the screens I just mentioned, nothing at all should be checked (unless you are familiar with it) except for the box that says something about Transform Groups.

Keep me posted

William S. Martin Jr. (nitrodad1115) 18.01.2022 16:30
thanks @Ed Propsner.. will give those a try and let you know..

Aliejusss Motiejukas (Konstruktoriukas) 21.01.2022 00:12
can we use custom textures to build roads?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 22.01.2022 17:52
@Aliejusss : Yes, you can use custom textures but at the moment you are limited to a single texture with FS22. Normally you can use 3. There is a workaround to this but it is very time consuming.

Ignas Ignacijus (KONSTRUKTOR) 28.01.2022 13:54
its impossible for me to get rid of 180 angles i try changing them manually to 0 but the road builds not like what i wanted

Dutch Mountain (Dutchmountain) 28.01.2022 15:48
I was wondering if you SSC users know about making curves according to this method:
In general it is a very easy way to make a smooth curve between two straight parts only using 1 "point" from each straight part.
So far it works for any angle curve for me.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 28.01.2022 17:22
Note: The updated versions of the scripts used in that video are available here at the end of the tutorial

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