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Created03.12.2011 11:34

Thore Wietzke (Unknown) 03.12.2011 11:41
<AnimationSet name="Alphof_Schiebetor">
<Clip name="SchiebetorK" duration="4000">
<Keyframes nodeId="94">
<Keyframe time="0" translation="0 0 0"/>
<Keyframe time="4000" translation="0 0 3.3"/>

What arguments could have an animation in the GE?
Could an animation scale the current object?
What effect have iprin and iprout?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 05.12.2011 10:46
The scaling and visibility can be animated as well.

iprin/iprout, iptin/iptout, ipsin/ipsout should normally be set to "linear". If it is something different, each keyframe is approached only slowly. This feature will probably be removed in the next version.

Thore Wietzke (Unknown) 05.12.2011 17:03
visibility? how do you mean that?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 28.12.2011 15:11
The visibility of the objects. You can specify whether an object is visible or not for each keyframe, by specifying the attribute "visibility" (true|false) in the "Keyframe" nodes.

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