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Saving a blank map takes forever

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Created16.01.2022 14:45

Daniel A. (vlce_versa) 16.01.2022 14:45
Hey guys, I'm new to this map making stuff. I have a map that I wish to be 8x8 km big, so I've created a map_dem file with the dimensions of 8193x8193px 16bit, my weight files are all 4096x4096 8bit, my density files are 16384x16384 8bit or 24bit and my info layer files vary from 4096 to 16384px. I've set the Height Scale to 368px and the Units per Pixel to 1. So far so good, but as soon as I load the map with these files and want to save it, it takes way to long, I don't know how long because I've always closed the GE, but I'm sitting here right now since 30 minutes and it hasn't saved the map yet. Is there anything I have forgotten to do or does it usually take that long for bigger maps?

thanks in advance

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 16.01.2022 15:27
Nah, that's ridiculously long for any map. I'd raise the units per pixel and in turn you can lower some of your other resolutions to something more manageable and cut your height map dimensions in half. Even a 2km base map uses a upp of 2. Are you following a tutorial? I'll have to double check the resolutions, are there any that require 24 bit?

Daniel A. (vlce_versa) 16.01.2022 15:48
Thanks for the reply. Still exporting. As far as I understood, the upp value means how many pixels on the height map represents 1 meter. So I thought a 1 upp with a height map size of 8193 means it is truly 8km big in game, is it not? The densityMap_fruits/ground/height are 24bit, I converted the grle files to png's and it gave me this bit depth.

Here is the list of files in my data folder

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 16.01.2022 17:12
It's actually the other way around. It's how many meters 1 pixel represents. So 1 upp with a height map of 8000 = 8k. 2 upp with a height map of 4000 = 8k. I'm not saying that's the entire problem, but it definitely makes a difference. As you can see you were able to cut the size in half and that's a big savings. You need to be careful how you scale larger maps because it's easy to create performance issues.

As for the 24 bits, my maps are all 4km and those two files are always 8 bit. 24 just seems really high for what it is. I can only guess that 16384*16384 png @ 24bits is rather large. I believe only my DEM is at 16 bit.

I'm venturing into an area where I'm not 100% on things so I don't want to give you bad advice.

Personally, what I would do is make a backup of the entire map. I would then change my upp to at least 2, cut the map height in half, and knock all those 16384 density maps back to 8192, and change the 24 bit files to 8. The DEM and _weight files are ok. I would be willing to bet that it loads and saves a whole lot faster after that. Like I said, I'm not 100% so some of those resolutions may have to be tweaked a bit. Nothing to lose really since it's a backup and it's worth the experiment. But that's just me :)

If it takes that long to save, I'm not even sure it would be playable.

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