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Created18.10.2009 11:40

Il Veut Pas Mon Nom (Unknown) 18.10.2009 11:50
I installed this exporter "I3D Exporter for 3Ds MAX 2008 and 2009 v4.1.2", tested on 3ds2009 & 2008 and i get a error to load it:

DLL <F:\3dsmax9\plugins\I3DExporter2009.dle> is not made for this version of the program - not loading

I don't have more information... Can you help me? thanx

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 18.10.2009 12:10
Hi Benjmin,

Version 9 (F:\3dsmax9) of 3Ds MAX is not the version 2009 of 3Ds MAX. You need at least version 2008 for the I3D exporter plugin.


Benjmin Gallais (Unknown) 18.10.2009 13:46
Ho yes! of curse! Thanx you very much for your fasted reply.

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