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Created03.02.2022 20:18

Luiz Eduardo - Connect Modding (CM2020) 03.02.2022 20:18
A question to the Giants, some developers have asked me about the possibility of the GE9.0.2 exporter reaching Autodesk Maya 2022, do you have any plans regarding this?
Another issue, we noticed on ModTutorials that the giants are using Blender a lot, and we were wondering if Autodesk Maya may stop having exporter support in future versions, just as we no longer see the exporter for 3Ds Max today

Luiz Eduardo - Ambassador Brasil
Connect Modding.

David Brown (mrscsi) 19.02.2022 16:39
As a 3ds max user I feel your pain, however I think you have gotten your answer from giants

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 12.05.2022 10:36
A new version of the Maya exporter has been released with support for Maya 2022 and 2023.

Maya is still our main tool when it comes to setting up the scene hierarchy for the final export. Unfortunately Blender is still missing a few features that would make it a viable alternative for us.
3ds Max has never been used extensively by us as it was also missing many features that we used in Maya. And the few use cases where it has been used were mostly replaced by Blender.
So to give a prediction on the future support of the exporters (although that is of course very subject to change at any time): Maya will most likely continue to be support well, if not even the best supported. I however also expect the Blender support to be continued and even be improved in the future, as it not only be comes more important for us internally, but also is an important tool for Modders to have a free alternative to Maya.

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