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Normal Map turns model mesh black

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Created30.01.2012 06:59

Kaosknite (fmc_modding) 30.01.2012 07:05
I tried to apply a normal map to my model but it turns the mesh black and textures disappear. I used blender to UV map the model and export. Is there something I'm not setting up correctly on the mesh in blender prior to export or is there something I'm not setting correctly in the i3d file?

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 30.01.2012 17:33
Hi Craig,

Please check your normals. I most cases the normals are not good.


Kaosknite (fmc_modding) 10.07.2012 08:56
Thanks Chris...I figured it out a while ago and forgot to reply. I was forgetting to activate the normal map when I applied it to the mesh after baking. Blender was exporting without assigning the normal map.

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