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i can't find the file "maya" in my docouments

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Created03.03.2013 15:15

Katja At (Unknown) 03.03.2013 15:19
i have download the maya exporter plugins v5.0.1 and i have make all was he say in the tutorial but i don't have the file maya in my documents.....please help what make i wrong?

Lasse Bach (Unknown) 10.03.2013 15:44
I got the same problem!!

Andrew Douglas (Unknown) 29.03.2013 21:25
The maya folder that he is talking about, is the Autodesk maya folder, not the plugin. Maya is a design program that you can get from

Gerben Vink (Unknown) 18.05.2013 21:40
do you need to buy the progam?

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