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How do i Export sketchup buildings for LS09?

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Created30.07.2009 00:41

Laurits østergaard (Unknown) 30.07.2009 00:48
Hi when im trying to import an Sketchup .FBX says maya:

The plug-in has detected mesh nodes containing polygons with overlapping vertices.The following objects have been automatically cleaned up:

Why and how to i change this?


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 30.07.2009 10:19
This is because sketchup does not generate nice geometry. Maya tries to clean this up, to avoid graphics bugs in the game.

As long as everything looks ok, there is no need to change anything.

Just export the mesh using the i3d exporter, and import it into the GIANTS Editor.

Laurits østergaard (Unknown) 30.07.2009 15:55
So that u are saying is that i shall not lay a color on it?

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