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Created29.03.2013 20:09

Andrew Douglas (Unknown) 29.03.2013 20:09
I'm getting these errors

// Error: line 1: Unable to dynamically load : C:/Users/JoeSomebody/Documents/maya/2013-x64/scripts/I3DExporter2013.mll
// Error: line 1: //
// Error: line 1: (I3DExporter2013) //

The buttons, "Preview, Export All, & Export" produce this error:

// Error: line 0: Cannot find procedure "I3DExporter". //

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 08.04.2013 11:51
Hi Andrew,

Maya x64 exporters are released. Grab them from the download section.


Gh Portefait (Unknown) 16.04.2013 21:53
does not work with Maya 2014 please recompile and deliver

loadPlugin -qt "C:/Users/gh/Documents/maya/scripts/I3DExporter2013-x64.mll";
source I3DExportUI;
source I3DExportValidate;
// Error: line 1: Plug-in, "I3DExporter2013-x64" was compiled against too old a version of the Maya API and is thus incompatible with the current Maya version. (I3DExporter2013-x64) //
// Error: line 0: Cannot find procedure "I3DExporter". //
// Error: line 0: Cannot find procedure "I3DExporter". //

Mark Gael (Unknown) 27.04.2013 21:19
have the same problem with the path, and the next problem is, can´t download the 5.0.2 maya plugins from server.

You don't have permission to access /gdn_downloads/ on this server.
Apache/2.2.16 (Debian) Server at Port 80

didn´t now, what this means, someone can help me pls?

Mark Gael (Unknown) 07.05.2013 19:13
ok, found the problem with DL, its the Browser. I use Opera, that was the problem.

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