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Created14.09.2013 10:30

Daniel Frank (Unknown) 14.09.2013 10:34
hi, i tried to install the exporter into maya 2013x64 but there ist the following error

//Error: Line 2.25: Cannot find file "I3DExportValidate" for source statement.

following my script attributes

loadPlugin -qt "C:/Users/Daniel Frank/Documents/maya/2013-x64/scripts/I3DExporter2013-x64.mll;
source I3DExportUI;
source I3DExportValidate;

somebody can help??


Billy Sweeney (Unknown) 23.09.2013 04:58
It looks like you put the .mil in the wrong folder. You put it in ..../documents/maya/2013-x64/scripts/..... It should be put in .../documents/maya/scripts/

Try that. Make sure Maya is closed before you copy the files, or if you copied while Maya was open, just exit and re-open Maya.

Hope that helps..

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