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I can not find the scripts folder

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Created24.04.2014 10:05

Elias Schmeiser (Unknown) 24.04.2014 10:10
I can not find the scripts Folder under documents. So I can not install Maya. Can someone help me?

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 24.04.2014 13:21

Please install Maya first. The first start of Maya will create the folders. After that you can copy the script to that folder

Travis Raines (Unknown) 26.05.2014 17:49
Where do you install Maya from?!

Thomas Brunner - GIANTS Software 27.05.2014 08:28
You can purchase a student version of Maya from

Travis Raines (Unknown) 28.05.2014 03:06
Doesn't work for 32bit though huh?

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