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Maya_i3d Installation on Windows 8

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Created21.11.2014 21:20

Mario Südhoff (Unknown) 21.11.2014 21:26
Hey Community,
at first: my englisch is very bad but I have a Problem with installing Maya.
I want to install the Maya_i3d Exporter on my PC but there's Windows 8 and I can't install Maya without Extract Files (Discription: Maya Profile path couldn't be found. Please start Maya at least once to create this Profile path. You can extract files an install the plugin maually. [...] )
But when I Extract Files there is no Button to install.
Can someone help me please or give a discription how it work.

Mario Südhoff

Morand Gaetan (Unknown) 08.12.2014 14:54
im having the same problem and with id3 max and blender

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.12.2014 15:00

would be interesting if you have really started maya before you tried to install the i3d exporter.

Assuming yes, here is a link for a howto install the exporters manually:

Hope that helps.


Conor Warren (Unknown) 24.12.2014 23:20
- solved

Doug Brewer (Unknown) 09.03.2015 20:31

Everything I have read says that I need to start and close maya at least once before the exporter will work.

Maya costs $185.00 a month for a subscription. This moddind prodgect is just a way to spend some time with my 13 year old son.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 10.03.2015 08:31

Autodesk offers a free version for students - eventually this might be an option for your son?
(I'm not sure about the detailed requirements of the free/student version, it might not be applicable in this case, but have a look and try to find out ;) )


Julian Lynch (Unknown) 17.05.2015 17:17
If thought i read somewhere that we are supposed to use the Giants Editor instead of Maya. I was able to watch some of the tutorial videos (which are very techinical and talk above everyone) and he showed we will need photoshope and download an extensiton to convert images to .dds.
The link for the videos on youtube is

The person who posted the video name is william schweer in case the link is bad

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.05.2015 08:10

photshop is not required.
There are also other image editing programs which can convert images from any format to .DDS


Gerbert Van Brenk (Unknown) 08.07.2015 12:17

i can't install maya on my pc. I don't understand how to do the manual installation.
how can i solve the problem?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.07.2015 15:10

if you do not know how to install maya please contact Autodesk.
We are not responsible for that product ;)

If you can't install the i3d tools/exporter ... well ...
It's hard to say ...
The installation is very easy - just run the "maya_i3d_exporter_6.0.2_win.exe", which can be downloaded here:


Angela Griffin (Unknown) 15.11.2015 03:18
the myay downs loads fine but it won't run the install you have t export the files as everyone is having the same trouble with the installer not working a how to install

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