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Created08.01.2016 17:42

Markus Weimer (wiwa83) 08.01.2016 17:46
The Exporter on Maya 2015 Tell me this: Info: group|...|...| is marked as static

How can I change in the Maya that it is no longer static ?

thx for help

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.01.2016 07:45

sometimes you want to have static objects, e.g. buildings.

Anyhow, open th exporter, go to the "Attributes" tab and voila, here are all the physics settings.

"Apply Selected" will apply the current selection of options/attributes to the object which is currently selected in the scene(graph)/outliner.


Markus Weimer (wiwa83) 26.01.2016 22:39
Thx for help

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