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Created16.03.2010 23:55

Alexander Schwartz (Unknown) 16.03.2010 23:59

since yesterday I have trouble with my Maya 2009. Everytime I try to export a model.
First I centered the pivots, after that I freezed it. When I now opened the exporter and wanted to FreezeToPivot it changed the attributes back to the old ones, before freezing them.

I made it the same way before with other models and it worked fine. I also reinstalled the exporter, deleted the history and the maya folder in "Documents".

I hope that you can help me:)

With kindly regards,


Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 17.03.2010 10:55
Hi Alexander,

How do you frezze the pivot of a object in Maya?


Alexander Schwartz (Unknown) 17.03.2010 11:33

a friend of mine explained me how to do it and so I made it several times and it worked.
1. Modify->Center Pivot
2. Modify->Freeze Transformations
3. Open the i3d exporter, load and save attributes and than in the tab Tools I clicked on FreezeToPivot

That way worked before, but now it won't freeze the pivots

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 17.03.2010 14:11
FreezeToPivot should set the local translations to zero, without changing the scene at all (objects and pivots are at the same places).

You can see if the pivot is at the zero local space in the Pivots->Local Space section of the Attribute Editor on the right side of maya.

Which Attributes do you mean, which are reseted?

S├ębastien V (Unknown) 13.06.2010 19:25

I have problems too with the maya exporter and freeze to pivots. I'm trying to making a mod, and in game all wheels are in the same place. wheels takes the axis of the global's mod pivot. In giant and in maya everything is ok, all the pivots are good but not in game.
I tried everything it possible to do, i'm working around and i'm very disappointed, I lost hundred of hours to try to resolve the problem.
I searching all around the web, nothing to help me, no manual, no explanations of the procedure, i'm very angry.

If someone have a solution it will be kind.


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 16.06.2010 14:32
Where is the pivot of your wheels? To work correctly with the game, the pivot of the wheels needs to be centered to each wheel. You can use the procedure as described by Alexander Schwartz in the third post to move the pivot.

James Biddulph (Unknown) 06.03.2011 22:05
Hi this is a late post but in case someone else is having trouble with this I think I have a solution, if you try FreezeToPivot in the i3d exporter and it goes to the 0.0.0. co-ordinates on the base grid it is because there is already a co-ordinate in the x y z tranlations. Select the object you are trying to freeze to pivot, open the channel box and RIGHT CLICK the X Translation name then scroll down and select BREAK CONNECTION do the same with the Y and Z co-ordinates, now the model is ignoring the translation co-ordinates so when you freeze to pivot it will freeze it where it is.

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