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Created29.02.2016 00:04

Callum Williams (Unknown) 29.02.2016 00:04
Hello, I have got a Joskin Modulo 2 Tanker but it is not letting me export it, I was wondering if anyone is willing to have a go for me?

Here is the download link

And if your able to turn it into a I3D File that would be amazing!

Thank you!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.02.2016 08:18

please tell us what the error message is.


Callum Williams (Unknown) 29.02.2016 16:52
Error message is
"Errors have occurred while reading this scene that may result in data loss.
Please check the Script Editor for details." when I start it up,
When I Check the script editor I get this error

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 01.03.2016 07:43

the error messages are not related to the i3d tools, as far as I can tell.
But it might be a good idea to clean the scene, so that the messages do not appear anymore.

However, for the export problem you could try to set the path manually first.
Afterwards the "use maya file name" option should work as expected.

So, if you actually try to export the vehicle and it still does not work, what error message comes up at that point?


Callum Williams (Unknown) 01.03.2016 14:50

I have sorted out this issue, it was the model it's self corrupted, so I have made a new one and it worked!

Thank you for the support anyway!

Thank you,

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