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Created05.04.2016 07:15

Gabe Riedeman (Unknown) 05.04.2016 07:17
How would I export a model from Maya LT to ge. I noticed that the maya exporter isn't supported my maya LT. is there a work around without having to go through blender because I have some skinned hoses that I would like to export to ge

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.04.2016 06:49

you could try to intsall the exporter manually (see the documentation section).
But I'm not sure if Maya LT supports that.


Gabe Riedeman (Unknown) 08.04.2016 03:56
I don't think Maya LT supports the exporter. Will there be a fix so that it can really want to use Maya but not going to pay for Maya. I will pay for the Maya LT because its a lot cheaper and affordable.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 26.04.2016 16:51
Hi guys,

Maya LT doesn't support 3th party plugins like the GE Exporter. We can't support Maya LT because Autodesk removed the plugin APIs in the LT edition. You could use FBX to export. GE can read FBX files.


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