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Created11.04.2010 13:19

Ravan Todica (Unknown) 11.04.2010 13:23
Please can anybody explain me how i can export from Maya

I put I3DExporter2010.mll
This is the error:// Error: Plug-in, "C:/Documents and Settings/<razvy>/My Documents/maya/scripts/I3DExporter2010.mll", was not found on MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH. //


Nico Walters (Unknown) 14.04.2010 09:45
Hi Ravan,

change the BackSlash "\" into an normal Slash "/" then all runs fine!



Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 21.04.2010 07:57
You should remove the < and > around your username. So it read ..Settings/razvy/My Documents/...

Friedrich L. (Unknown) 02.05.2010 10:31

"loadPlugin -qt "C:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/Friedrich/Eigene Dateien/maya/scripts/I3DExporter2008.mll";
source I3DExportUI;
source I3DExportValidate;

Save this as .mel file and open the file with maya, you can export i3Ds.
You need to have the right script in maya/scripts and the i3D hudFile.

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