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Created15.09.2016 19:11

Kaosknite (fmc_modding) 15.09.2016 19:23
I change the output file location to a folder of my choice and save the settings. The exporter reverts back to the default and will not keep my file location. Then I get an error when I hit preview that says "RuntimeError:....scripts\ line829: Object 'giants_previewOutputFile' not found. If I try to export I get "(Error) Could not open file: C:/myExport.i3d" Finished export. If I leave the output file as default "C:/myExport.i3d I get the same errors a previously mentioned. Why won't it save my changes. BTW I'm using Maya 2017 but I had the same problem with Maya 2013. This was using the auto installation. I looked at I3DExporter2017-64 bit in the plugin manager. The "Loaded" box is check however when I click on the Info button it says version 6.0.3 for API version 201700

Please help.

Kaosknite (fmc_modding) 16.09.2016 07:20
I got it to work by doing the manual installation using the script editor.

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