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Created15.11.2010 18:51

Andreas Großschedl (Unknown) 15.11.2010 18:55

Maybe someone can tell me whats wrong? I textured a cube and a plane, but when i "go" far away (in ge and also in the game), the texture rotate 45°. I tried with png and jpg. Within Maya all is ok!

Thank you

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 20.11.2010 16:04
What is the resolution of the texture? It should be power of two. Maybe you also might have some aliasing artifacts. Maybe you could post a link to the texture.

Andreas Großschedl (Unknown) 20.11.2010 19:47
Oh, my texture was not the right resolution! I changed to 512x512 it it worked!

Thank you

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 17.12.2010 22:47
For textures I always use 2048x2048 or higher for best possible results.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 18.12.2010 12:15
Hi Mike,

Higher is not always better as you waste VRAM and your Mod will slowdown the whole game because it runs out of free VRAM.

ATI x8X0 and x1X00 graphics cards do not support textures bigger than 2048x2048.


Mike Gregor (Unknown) 19.12.2010 18:43
You know I always forget about the lil guys(lower end machines)Guess I could use 1024x1024 :)

Since were on the subject of textures, might as well throw in materials for glass. What glass shader can I use in GE? finding a glass shader that's not Mental Ray is a pain.

Ruprecht Malchartzeck (Unknown) 19.12.2010 20:12
add this to your i3d <Files> section, adjust fileId:
<File fileId="7" filename="textures/" relativePath="true"/>

add to window material, adjust id to same as before:
<Reflectionmap fileId="7" wrap="false" type="cube" resolution="256" refractiveIndex="0.1" bumpScale="0.1" objectMask="2147483647"/>

Now you will have windows that seem to reflect environment, in fact its just a texture (cubemap) put around the object.

One important thing: looks like you must have a normal and spec map apllied in addition to the diffuse map! I could not get it working otherwise (i used the diffuse as spec aswell and created a 16x16 nrm and it works fine now).


Mike Gregor (Unknown) 19.12.2010 23:03
Don't want mirrors per se, I do want reflection but being able to see inside as well. Well, now I know how to put mirrors on a tractor :) Well I have a nice plane of glass made, but when you look in it turns everything behind the invisible. :( Looking outward looks awesome.

Ruprecht Malchartzeck (Unknown) 20.12.2010 01:29
Sorry, not a good compare. Used it for the windows of my tractor. They are transparent and get a reflection. No problems with objects behind 'em.

If some objects behind your windows are not displayed correctly, there maybe is a problem with the transparency settings of your material or texture, i had some trouble getting alpha to work the right way.
do you have alphaBlending="true" set in i3d (for your window material)?

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 02.01.2011 01:44
Alphablending is on and I have a nice looking window. On another project where reflection is needed the reflection is upside down and on the opposite side of object(opposite side is not checked in maya.) So its like a crappy made window with everything upside down as you look through it. All in all I need a mirror.

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