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Created24.06.2009 12:44

Ruprecht Malchartzeck (Unknown) 24.06.2009 12:49
I did not find a possibility to set the resolution of reflection maps in Maya, so my question: is it possible or do i have to edit by hand?


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 25.06.2009 09:08
The reflection map resolution is currently not exported from maya. You have to change that in the i3d by hand. The problem is, that there is no possibility to change that value in maya, so there's no value to export.

Ruprecht Malchartzeck (Unknown) 27.06.2009 13:13
Hi Stefan,

thanks for the answer, it's not a big issue, just thought maybe its possible so i could save the time editing.
I understand the problem, but wouldn't it be an idea to use a "blank" texture with desired resolution and assign it to, as example, the Maya materials ambient color channel (or any other that is not used yet)? I don't know how much coding trouble it is to get the resolution of that placeholder texture, so maybe it is too much work for a little issue.

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