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Created24.06.2009 12:56

Ruprecht Malchartzeck (Unknown) 24.06.2009 13:05
When starting a new model i set a new maya project and usually use a folder like ..\images for the textures. Problem is that this path is exported to the .i3d file.
I tried to change the path in my project, have put the texture files in the root of the project, but it did not work.
Probably i missed something, please tell me what i do wrong.


Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 24.06.2009 19:21
Hi Ruprecht,

There is a logic in the exporter that detects relative paths during export but that only works if a texture file is located in the same or a subdirectory of the Mayafile.


Ruprecht Malchartzeck (Unknown) 27.06.2009 12:44
Hi Christian,

thanks for the tip, that explains it did not work for me. I usually set up my Maya projects with folders "Scenes" and "images", but not as subdirectory...
I'll test it next export.


Florian Gommer (Unknown) 19.05.2013 21:14

I have the same problem. When i export my model it says everytime: Error: Can't load resource: C:/Users/**/Documents/maya/projects/default/renderData/mentalray/lightMap/..... .jpg

I have tried to export with Lambert, same problem

Hope you guys have a solusion.


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