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Textures not showing up in editor from maya 2011

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Created13.05.2011 05:40

Romert Maple (Unknown) 13.05.2011 05:47
i have made several models and used uv textures as well as bakins and other methods when i exopet they all show in my project folders as they should when i inport to the giants editor the model shows fine but the textures dont and its all gray is there a folder i need to add in the game with the textures for the model and where would it go thank you for any help. please if there is a reply send info to as well if posable point me in the right direction as to a tutorial for this if you know of any i have looked and can not find anything pertaining to this subject as to getting the textures to show in the editor or the game thanks again

Romert Maple (Unknown) 13.05.2011 11:52
god i feel dumb i got it sorted out i had a wrong setting

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