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Planes in Maya show fine, but are transparent in GE

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Created15.07.2011 13:52

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 15.07.2011 13:54
Well at least one side is anyways, doublesided is checked and alphablending is on. So what makes a plane see through in one direction and not the other, which is not intentional.

TIA :)

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 02.08.2011 09:26
The double sided attribute in Maya is not supported in the engine, thus the planes are always single sided. You should disable this attribute, and duplicate your faces with a reverse normal to emulate a double sided face.

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 06.08.2011 01:37
I knew it was something simple and i have been using Maya for awhile now, should of seen it, lol. You rock :)

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 06.08.2011 04:44

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