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Created23.02.2021 15:50

Luke Ikas (ikas12) 23.02.2021 15:50
Hi, I have a problem with maya, before export model looks ok without polygons, just regular but when I export it to i3d in ge is so much polygons on model, how to reduce it?

Ola Haldor Solvik Voll (OlaHaldor) 22.04.2021 09:58
You mean your model is quads, and in GE it's triangles? All part of the game of making models for game engines. It *will* be triangulated in engine anyway.

I don't know if there's a way to switch off triangulation with the Giants exporter. You can certainly export with quads if you go with FBX, then import in GE.

Kittikorn Rojanee (FIRST) 25.06.2021 02:21

Kittikorn Rojanee (FIRST) 25.06.2021 02:25

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