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exportation of UV Coordinates with Blender 2.93.1 and i3d exporter v. 9.0.1

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Created19.02.2022 21:16

Meik Eppert (sil1985) 19.02.2022 21:16
Hello guys,

I have a problem as follows:

I have a blender scene with mutliple objects. I export one single object with the exporter. When I open the exportet object in the giants editor the texturefile is applied but the coordinates do not match with what I applied in blender. But when I export the object as .fbx and import the .fbx in the giants editor, the texturecoordinates are correct applied. Has anyone an idea what went wrong?

thx for your help

M********* R******** (sharecropper27) 24.02.2022 16:40
Are you clicking apply transforms when exporting .fbx? that may be positively affecting the output in Giants Editor. What are your export preferences in Giants Editor?

if the scale is not set to 1 when exporting as wavefront from Giants Editor, there may be scaling issues when coming back into as i3d.

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