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Problem with giants exporter 9.01 for blender

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Created13.06.2022 15:57

Jjnhgfvbnm,mnbv Mnhgvc (valtfendmassey) 13.06.2022 15:57
Good afternoon!
There is a problem with your exporter 9.0.1 for blender.
The installation of the exporter was successful.
The problem is: when you try to add any Shaders in the materials section, it is not loaded by clicking first on add shaders and then on load shaders you reset everything.
In fact, once you have added the Shaders and when you export the mesh in .i3d format and then open it on the Giants Editor, the mesh is not visible because the shaders is not loaded / exported from blender.
In blender everything is fine, when exporting this problem occurs.
Will you be able to solve this problem by updating the exporter on the GDN? It is necessary ...

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 07.07.2022 20:35

What version of BLENDER is the exporter 9.0.1 design to work on? I was using it in Blender v3.0 and the shader materials would export correctly. After my STEAM version of Blender updated to v3.2, any material made before the update would export correctly. Any material created after the latest update would only export the normal map info with the material.

I have tried down grading BLENDER back to v2.9.3, but still can NOT create new materials correctly. Is there a certain data file that needs to be deleted to reset the exporter?

PLEASE update the BLENDER Exporter Plugin.


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