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Created28.12.2022 06:24

Earl Bush (ProQuasar) 28.12.2022 06:24
I'm working on creating 3D tracks in Blender.
I pretty much have everything to create the full assembly.
Only issue is that the rotating nodes from the crawler .xml file are not stationary.
Reviewing the existing crawlers in game, there are bones set up (go to GE and select View- Show - Bones).
I am assuming this is how the game keeps the objects stationary relative to the crawler track.
The i3D xml file doesn't list any specifics for the bones.
I've also created and exported models with bones from Blender, but they don't show up correctly (i.e. not like the existing models).

Any ideas on how to create these bones in Blender?
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a good one.

Earl Bush (ProQuasar) 11.01.2023 03:49
Hello, I found a resolution to my issue.
My specific issue didn't relate to the bones, but rather the center of rotation of each component.
I was able to resolve that and create some 3D tracks. I'll try and upload a vid in case someone runs into the same issue.

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