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Created20.03.2023 19:59

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 20.03.2023 19:59
Error: 'fendt' (Cube) doesn't have all required vertex attributes for material 'Fendt'.
- Geometry lacks GS_ATTR_TEXCOORD1 data, which is required by the material.

what can i do

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 21.03.2023 01:31
Have you created a material for the object before exporting to i3d?
(I assume the error is from Blender)

Kristian (krisjo01) 21.03.2023 15:43
TEXCOORD1 = 2nd uv map

So the explaination for the error is that your object which use material with name "Fendt", doesn't have a 2nd uv map which probably is required by the shader variation you are using on that material. For example the Decal shader variation requires a second uv map.

How to solve the issue:
Add a new uv map to your mesh so you have 2 uv layers in total (cannot be done in Giants Editor)

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 21.03.2023 17:21
okay but do you have to do that with ao or diffuse map

Kristian (krisjo01) 21.03.2023 19:51
Usually the first UV map is for diffuse and normal map and the second uv is for the specular/vmask texture

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 21.03.2023 20:42
okay thx you

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 21.03.2023 20:46

and is ao still used or is it called diffuse

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 21.03.2023 20:47
David Zadnik (DzInLa)

yes its from blender

Kristian (krisjo01) 22.03.2023 21:29
AO (ambient occlusion) is part of the specular/vmask texture, this texture have 3 channels: R G B (Red, Green, Blue). The Red channel contains the wear mask, Green channel is the AO and Blue is the dirt.

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 22.03.2023 21:44
okay thank you

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