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Created11.10.2013 00:45

Seriousmods (seriousmods) 11.10.2013 00:45
Will there be a version of the Blender exporter that is compatible with GE 5.0.3?


Mike Peschke (Mike_77) 23.10.2013 20:00
The actual exporter is compatible with GE 5.0.3. The fact that it does not create the shape file can be ignored. Just import your stuff into the editor and he will do the rest.

Seriousmods (seriousmods) 31.10.2013 08:12
Ok, I should have clarified.

I was thinking more of an exporter that exports only to GE 5.0.3 and works with say Blender 2.67 or so.

The current exporter version only works with Blender 2.62.

Don Berg (Unknown) 20.12.2013 03:44
well it doesn't work with 6.62 i have. this open source crap sucks just a teaser, better off purchasing a cad program that can actually work :(

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