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Blender Exporter scale is not working properly

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Created24.08.2009 07:53

Michael Hellmuth (Unknown) 24.08.2009 07:56
Hello There,

i, and another Modder, have problems with the Blender-Exporter.
If we scale the objects in Blender they will not be exportet properly

do you know if it is a problem of the export, or something in Blender?



Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 24.08.2009 16:42
Hi Michael,

Have you tried to bake the scale into the meshes?

Michael Hellmuth (Unknown) 24.08.2009 16:59
no, not tried it (Blender-Noob) but i will look for it this evening

Thanks for the answer!



Michael Hellmuth (Unknown) 04.09.2009 10:47
i tried and everything is working fine :) Thanks!

Teemu Huhtala (Unknown) 17.01.2010 19:31
Yoy must press CTRL+A and then save scale and rotation to ObData.

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