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Created08.01.2014 21:23

Jan Bens (Unknown) 08.01.2014 21:37
I'm new overhere but I was wondering is there is a possibility to import a .i3D file into Blender.
I'm building a hobby CNC machine and was looking for some cool projects to mill out.
Since there is a huge amount of really cool models in FS, I came up with the idea of exporting these into an STL/STEP/IGES... (any universal engineering 3D-format would suit me)

I know it is posible to export from GE to a .obj file but I can't seem to open those in either Blender or 3DMax. I hoped to use either of those programs to export the model further to other formats.

As a start I cleaned up a Case 1455xl model (removed light glares and unnessecary boxes and addons) and tried exporting that to .obj.
For example in Blender I keep getting errorcodes. Different for each version of Blender. (tried 7 so far: mainly 2.5x and 2.6x both in x86 and x64)
After too many tries I sort of found something on a german forum: the .obj would only be made for Maps. Is this correct?

Could you guys point me in the right direction? I would be happy with a model, pointcloud, wireframe,... you name it. ;)

Greetings from Belguim!

Jan Bens (Unknown) 08.01.2014 22:21
I've just used another program: Meshlab (version (03 August 2012) V1.3.2)
That one hangs on the spot.

So it seams that it might be a problem in the exported file itself.

Is there a particular version of GE tbat I should be using? (right now I have GIANTS Editor v5.0.3 64bit)


Jan Bens (Unknown) 08.01.2014 22:29
great news: I'v tried to use the demo model on this website: It exports +- perfectly!
To big, Like I've read about and with a bit too many boxes like the collision box and so on. But that's manageable.

It looks like it's the base model. That can be downloaded here:
I'll try to find another mod of the 1455xl but i'm still curious what went wrong.


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