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Blender export 'faces'-error

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Created13.03.2014 14:19

Jane Hanitz (Unknown) 13.03.2014 14:23
Hey guys,

I just downloaded the Blender plugin but unfortunately I ended up quite fast with this error (and really dont have an idea how to fix it) - is the exporter compatible with blender 2.69?

thanks for every comment :)


Samuel H. (modelleicher) 19.03.2014 19:28
Hello, the Exporter isn't quite compatible with Blender 2.69..

For it to work you have to edit a few things in the file.

First look for that line:
for uv_tex in mesh.uv_textures:
and exchange it with that one:
for uv_tex in mesh.tessface_uv_textures:

then look for this line:
faces = me.faces[:]
and exchange it with this one:
faces = me.tessfaces[:]

Thats it.. That simple :D I hope it still works in 2.69 since i only tried with 2.65 a while ago.. But without this the Exporter works only up to 2.62 ;)

Hope that helps

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