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Created09.05.2014 01:14

Tony Bauer (vocob25) 09.05.2014 01:17
I have just edited an mod making the tracks on a tractor wider, and have created an axle to fit between the open space and the body of the tractor. using blender of course, simply putting my new axle into the i3d file for the tractor isn't good enough. because when loading the game I cannot see the part I had installed on the mod. how do I see the part I have put on the mod? Also I know you need a texture for that part. but how do I export the color I used from blender? Please Help.

Dread Tuga (dread) 12.05.2014 19:28
did you assign a material to the model?
you can make it the color of the assigned material or add a texture to it but for that you need to bake the uvs and then edit the image with gimp or a similar image editing software.
i suggest you take a look at youtube tuts and improve your blender skillz.

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