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Blender exporter 5.5.1 beta - Strange light effect in Giants

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Created13.07.2014 18:03

Moise Dubuc (Unknown) 13.07.2014 18:14
Hi everybody

I'm using the beta exporter and everything goes fine except for one thing. When I export my models to Giants there's a strange light effect that I can't remove. It look like it have something to do with the specular and shading or something like that. I would like to remove this shading an light effect so that the model look like when export with the old version on the exporter.
Here's a picture with on the left my model export with the old version and on the right with the new one.
Thanks for your help

Scott Be (Unknown) 14.07.2014 14:08
The light you are referring is the cospower specularColor this is very good thing and something that had to be added with the old exporter and blender.

This normally had to be added manually with notepad/notepad ++ but now exported and kept after save in Giants Editor.

You can however adjust your materials in blender cosPower/hardness specular/ intensity before export to get the desire shading Or you can simply manually remove from the i3d with notepad++

Good Luck

Moise Dubuc (Unknown) 15.07.2014 00:03
Great it work perfectly. This new exporter is fantastic I've change the way I was dealing with materials now that it's possible to export many of them on a single part while keeping all the UV.

Thank you very much

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