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Exporting from Blender 2.72a

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Created20.10.2014 18:52

Josef Raßhofer (Unknown) 20.10.2014 18:54
Hello to all,
I have started to work with Blender and created an object with textures.
In the i3d format exported and open with GE works also as far as...
Only the Sun, or the light is reflected in the object... What is that?

Thank you JahRass

Found the problem...

The attribute was specularColor 1 1 1

Tj Brooks (Unknown) 22.10.2014 02:39
How did you get it to export? Of you don't mind. I have been trying for an hour or so and can't seem to get mine to work

Josef Raßhofer (Unknown) 23.10.2014 01:11
Hi Tj Brooks,

start blender
-->[Info Display] File -User Preferences-
-->[Blender User Preference] Addons -Supported Level- Community -Categories- Game Engine
-->[Game Engine Giants I3D Exporter Tools] -Enable an addon- Save User Settings

Now you can see in the [Info Display] right [GIANTS i3d] -I3D Exporter- press n
-->GIANTS I3D Exporter -->Output File -Disable- Use Blender Filename --File Location-- is your output and Export All.

Tj Brooks (Unknown) 23.10.2014 06:38
Thank you Josef, that did the trick

Anton Auer (Unknown) 13.02.2015 14:40
I downloaded the V2.62(shown as the newest Version) but I cant activate the exporter, only the Game Engine.
Now on V2.73a it is running.

Is it possible to import an i3d to Blender?

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